How to buy a painting

We offer two options to purchase the artworks (hereinafter - Works) placed on the website:

  1. Buy Works directly from artists or their representatives (hereinafter - Authors);

  2. Buy Works through the website.


Buying Works directly from artists or their representatives.

            Select a Work which you would like to buy. If the painting is for sale, you will see the link “Buy painting/tapestry/sculpture/work”* under its image. Press this link. Order form will open. Fill it out. To send the order, press “Send”. Your order will be processed within a few hours, your contact details will be forwarded to the Work author, and the ordered Work shall be booked. All the transaction terms and conditions (payment, delivery, etc.) are to be agreed directly with Author or his/her representative after he/she contacts you.


* If the work is not for sale, but creating the author custom copy is possible, then there will be a “Custom only” note under the Work’s enlarged image. No links shall be provided in case the Work is placed by Author solely for portfolio display.


Buying Works through the website.

ARTWIN renders commercial and intermediary services only for sale/purchase of artworks over $2,000 worth. (Works under $2,000 may be purchased directly from artists or their representatives). Transactions through ARTWIN shall be made upon agreement between the Author and the Buyer only. The advantage of purchasing Works through our website is the guarantee of transaction safety. Buying Works through ARTWIN is completely similar to ordering Works from artists, you will only have to specify “I want commercial and intermediary services while buying this Work” in the order form, “Note” field.


Transaction through ARTWIN shall be made as follows:


  1. The ARTWIN Manager shall contact the Author to specify possible terms of shipping the Work and delivery cost from the Work location to ARTWIN office;

  2. ARTWIN shall send the Buyer via e-mail a contract for commercial and intermediary services.

  3. Upon receipt and signing of a contract, the Buyer shall make a prepayment. The prepayment includes:

       - cost of Work delivery from the Work location to ARTWIN office, (city of Saratov,  or city of Simferopol, Crimea, );

       - cost of the Work’s technical inspection RUB 500 ($20);

 - On average, the prepayment varies from RUB 3,000 to RUB 5,000. You can consult   the website service team for the Work’s complete transportation cost;

  1. Upon receipt of the funds on our account, the ARTWIN Manager shall contact the Seller and initiate the Work shipping;

  2. Author shall at his/her own expense ship the Work to ARTWIN office (city of Saratov or city of Simferopol) by any convenient means.

  3. Upon the Work’s delivery to Saratov or Simferopol, the Work’s technical inspection shall be made at ARTWIN office with the following execution of a set form report; **

  4. The ARTWIN Manager shall contact the Buyer and notify him that the Work is ready for shipping.

  5. The Buyer shall pay for the Work by way of bank remittance to ARTWIN account;

  6. The Work shall be shipped to the Buyer; ***

  7.  Payment transfer to the Author shall be made less prescribed commission and cost of bank remittance.


** In case of inadequacy between the Work and declared requirements (specified wrong dimensions, technique, etc.) or unsatisfactory technical condition of the Work (scratches, chips and other damage which the Author failed to report), upon the Buyer’s consent, the Work shall be returned to the Author without any refund of cost of delivery to the office. In this case, ARTWIN shall bear expenses incurred in return of the Work to the Author, the prepayment shall be returned to the Customer less costs of technical inspection.


*** The Work shall be delivered from Saratov or Simferopol to the Buyer by Mail Service of Russia, or DHL international delivery service. The Work shall be insured for the delivery period upon the Buyer’s consent and at the Buyer’s expense.


Shipment from ARTWIN office to the Buyer shall contain the following:

  1. Packaged Work;

  2. Technical Inspection Report for the Work, photographs or CD video enclosed;

  3. Gift Certificate.


Buying Works through ARTWIN website is a safe way to buy/sell artworks, while your expenses grow only by approximately $100 (as compared to buying Works directly from Authors).